Seasonal Service

Avoid Fuming Beside An Overheated Engine

We see it every summer. Some poor commuter with their hazard lights on and hood up, white steam billowing from the engine.

Here’s how to avoid it happening to you.

Help Your A/C Keep Its Cool All Summer Long

A frosty air conditioner on a blistering summer afternoon provides one of life’s greatest comforts.

Here’s what you need to do to keep those vents blowing cold air all summer long.

Don't Let Summer Put Brakes On Family Fun

The trunk’s loaded and tank's full of gas. Yet, there's more to getting ready than loading up the family for the Great American Adventure.

Did you leave time for a brake system inspection?

13 tips to help your vehicle weather the cold

Most drivers know they need to get the oil changed and tires rotated every 5,000 miles or so. What about the myriad of inspections that help prepare your vehicle for winter?

Have you noticed your car is hard to start, headlights are duller and power windows operate slowly? Could be an early warning sign of a dying battery.

How To Bring Some Balance To (Tire) Life

Tires aren’t complicated. Just keep them properly inflated, rotate them every so often and don’t run over the curb and they’ll be just fine, right?

Actually, no.

ABS replaces the need to pump the brake pedal

ABCs of ABS: Things Drivers Should Know

Ask a driver how their ABS is and chances are you’ll get a blank stare.

Anti-lock brake systems are credited as one of the most advanced safety technologies in modern vehicles yet they are an enigma to many.

How do you know if your ABS is functioning properly? It’s part performance and part education.

Summer heat can mean roadside trouble for drivers

June and July temperatures have climbed into triple digits throughout Norhtern California. This surge of heat can overload your vehicle' s cooling system and leave you stranded miles from home.

How can you keep your vehicle cool on family vacations this summer?

Tips for your vehicle's automatic transmission

Automatic transmissions have made operating a motor vehicle safe and more convenient. Drivers no longer need to struggle through gear changes common in “manual” transmissions.   Yet, “automatic” does not mean “maintenance free.” How can you help keep your vehicle’s automatic transmission operating properly and prevent expensive breakdowns?