Engine Coolant

Quality You Can Depend On

Our trained mechanics check your car for safety and let you know if it needs any additional service to be properly maintained.

When should I replace the coolant in my car?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the coolant periodically to avoid expensive repairs. Your service adviser can tell you when your car needs new coolant.

Why does it need to be replaced?

The coolant in your car keeps the engine cool during the summer months and keeps the fluid from freezing in the cold of winter. The fluid naturally breaks down from constant use and no longer provides the protection you need.

In addition the fluid becomes very corrosive and, if left unchanged, it will destroy the components of your cooling system.

What does the coolant replacement service include?

Our trained mechanics inspect the system for leaks and damage prior to replacing your fluid. We pressure test the system for leaks and to make sure your radiator cap is sealing correctly.

Because the serpentine belt drives the water pump we also check it for wear and replace it, if necessary, at an additional cost to the service.


Properly maintained fluid keeps your engine running cool in the summer and keeps it from freezing in the winter. Even more importantly, it keeps corrosion out of your cooling system.