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How to Make Your Daily Drive More Enjoyable

Did you know that California has more licensed drivers than any other state, with more than 26 million licensed drivers? With so many people on the road, your morning commute can be pretty hectic. Traffic is a norm in the state of California, but it doesn't have to make your drive to school or work miserable. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make your daily drive more calming and enjoyable.   Listen to Music Listening to chill music can make your commute much more relaxed and stress-free. We recommend lofi or classical to keep the nerves down, but listening to any of your personal favorite music can uplift your mood.   Play Podcasts or Audiobooks If there is a book you've been desperate to find time to read or a subject you want to learn more about, audiobooks and podcasts are the answer for you. This type of content is continuous and longer duration, so they are a perfect way to pass the time in traffic. Put your time to good use!   Keep Your P ... read more

Top 3 Benefits of a Transmission Flush

  A transmission flush is a process of removing sludge, grime, and aged transmission fluid from a vehicle's transmission system and replacing it with newer, cleaner fluid. The procedure, which Quality Car Care Center offers, will keep your transmission cool and lubricated.    Your car's transmission is designed to safely and smoothly transfer power to the wheel from the engine. By keeping this system in good condition, you'll protect your car against immense damage.   Listed below are the top three benefits of getting your transmission flushed: Prevents Damage The most important benefit of a transmission flush is preventing future problems. Over time, your fluid can collect debris and other foreign spectacles to prevent it from performing optimally. As a result of contaminated fluid, the part will heat up, interfering with accelerating and shifting functions. Additionally, dirty fluid will also not provide lubrication and power for the transmission ... read more

What Are the Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

The brakes of your car transmit a lot of force and this is made possible using brake fluid. Without sufficient amounts of brake fluid, it becomes difficult to transfer force through the brake pedal and the performance and responsiveness of your brakes can suffer. In the worst-case scenario, this could even lead to a brake failure and become dangerous. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs of low brake fluid and it's typically easy to know when you need to perform some maintenance. Some of the common warning signs include: Mushy brake pedal Vibrations during braking Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) activating Noise during braking Difficulty stopping Mushy Brake Pedal The brake pedal of your car should feel smooth to use and offer the right amount of resistance. If it starts to feel mushy and the movement feels uneven or lacks resistance this can be an indication of low brake fluid. Vibrations During Braking Brake fluid helps to transmit force smoothly through your braking s ... read more

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