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Engine Noises You Should be Wary of While riding Your Car

If you suddenly feel your vehicle making awkward noises, especially from the engine, then you have a reason to worry. Strange car noise is an indicator of impending mechanical troubles. The noises vary from slight whizzing noise to extreme rattling. The following are some strange noises to be conscious of when riding a car: Popping Sound Popping sound in the engine area can indicate an exhaust leak. It is essential to look for a mechanic as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Pooping noise can also be an indicator of a dirty air filter in the engine. Hissing Noise A hissing noise is an indicator of varying problems in your car. A hissing noise can mean that your engine is overheating or your vacuum leaks. Fluids like coolant or brake fluids can also leak into the hot parts of the engine and needs to be checked immediately. Knocking Sound Knocking sounds while riding your car means something is wrong with the car's ignition. Sometimes, fuel in the cylinder ignites and c ... read more

Why Is My Airbag Light On?

Car manufacturers have sleekly enhanced safety features thanks to modern technology. In case of an accident, components such as safety belts and airbags play a critical role in safeguarding you. Usually, your car will indicate and notify you of unfastened belts and other problems on the dashboard display. When your dashboard lights come on, such as the airbag warning indicators, please don't ignore them. However, it's easy to dismiss this warning with the many dashboard lights. While it may not mean anything more than a malfunctioning electrical system, it's important to consider why this happens. Reasons Your Airbag Light is On When you notice your airbag light is on and you have not been in an accident, it could be deactivated and will not function appropriately in case of a collision. But here is what you should know and why this light comes on in your vehicle. Electrical or wiring problems Your airbag light may turn on due to bad sensors or a faulty SRS system. It m ... read more

What is a Fuel Injection Service?

If you expect your vehicle to run well for years, keeping current with regular maintenance is necessary. One important component that needs to be well taken care of is your vehicle's fuel system. The fuel system is where fuel is stored and is composed of the components that supply the fuel to the engine. Over time, carbon buildup can happen on the fuel injectors, which can cause problems with the overall performance of your car. Some common systems include engine smoke, decreased fuel efficiency, and hesitating when you step on the gas. Our repair shop offers routine preventive maintenance and fuel injection cleaning to decarbonise the induction system. It's also important to clean the fuel pump, fuel tank, and fuel lines to ensure that your vehicle fuel system is giving you the best efficiency. Special equipment is needed to do this service, so you can't go to just any repair shop. We have the tools necessary to perform your vehicle's fuel injection service with ease ... read more

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