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Quality Tune Up Car Care CenterMultipoint Inspection

Multipoint inspections are a vehicle's equivalent of you getting a physical from a doctor. And, like physicals, they should happen fairly routinely.

Simply put, a multipoint inspection lets you know how your vehicle is holding up. The added benefit is a multipoint inspection can sometimes spot a problem before it turns into a major repair.

At the very least, a multipoint inspection helps you anticipate what major services would be advisable during the next few months.

We suggest asking for a multipoint inspection during an oil change because it just makes sense. The vehicle is already in the shop and on a lift, so every vital component we would inspect is easy to see.

Don't just take it from us.

“Oil changes and routine multipoint inspections are the foundation of preventative maintenance,” said Patricia Serratore, senior vice-president for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). “An inspection focuses on the key systems and can prevent a vital repair from catching you off-guard.”

Multipoint inspection is a general term for a thorough evaluation of the vehicle. Each individual observation (testing tire pressure, checking the brake lights) accounts for a point. Fluid levels, brake wear, battery strength, and the condition of the engine's belts and hoses are all closely examined.

You'll receive a report of our inspection's findings and recommendations. We'll also help you prioritize what services might need to be done in the near future, and what can wait for a while.

Besides getting a multipoint inspection during an oil change, we also strongly suggest getting one before a long road trip.

Ideally, your vehicle should get three or four multipoint inspections a year.

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