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What Causes a Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire is never a fun experience, especially when it happens while you're driving. If you do find yourself with a flat tire, the most important thing to remember is to not continue driving your vehicle until it is fixed. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to your wheels and suspension components.  Sometimes a flat tire can be extremely random. Here are some of the common reasons why flat tires happen:  Leaky valve stems - Corrosion and wheel damage can cause cracks in the rubber stem which can leak out air. An internal air leak in the valve stem because the valve is loose, faulty or jammed with dirt can also cause air to leak out.  A puncture in the tire caused by driving over sharp objects like nails, screws, steel wire from exploded truck tires, broken glass, sharp rocks, etc. Bead leaks between the tire and wheel, which can be caused by rust or corrosion on the wheel or a bent rim (hitting a curb or pothole). Wheel air leaks ... read more

Smoke Coming Out of Your Exhaust? Here's Why!

Smoke coming out of your vehicle's exhaust is always a sign of trouble. Steam or condensation on a cold morning is totally normal, but if you notice a cloud of smoke from the exhaust - there's an issue. Smoke from the exhaust can be caused by a number of different things, and sometimes the color of the smoke is a good indicator. Here are some of the most common smoke colors and what they indicate:  Blue Blue smoke is an indication that the engine is burning oil. This is typically caused by some sort of damage to vital engine components, such as cylinders or piston rings. This can actually contaminate the catalytic converter and cause low engine oil or low oil pressure.  White White smoke usually signifies that the engine is buring coolant or transmission fluid. Either scenario is very bad for the engine and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Black Some black smoke from an older model diesel en ... read more

How the Summer Heat Affects your Car Battery

Did you know that heat can actually shorten the life of your car battery? During the summer months, the heat can actually cause problems for our car batteries. Heat actually causes battery fluid to evaporate, which in turn damages the battery and shortens its life. The typical battery will last between 4-6 years if taken care of, but often times excessive heat can cut that in half.  The best way to avoid battery problems during the summer is have your battery inspected beforehand to check for charge and inspect the charging and starting system. It also helps to have your battery cleaned to avoid corrosion and acid buildup around the terminals. If you suspect a battery issue, the best solution is to have it checked by your local trusted mechanic to avoid a dead battery and no-start situation.  In order to protect your battery this summer season, make sure to: Inspect the electrical system to make sure that it is charging the battery at the correct rate, because overcharging ... read more

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