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Why Is My Car Idling Rough?

When you notice your car is idling rough, it is a cause for instant concern. There are many factors that can play into why you're experiencing this problem. You'll want to address the issue and fix the problem sooner rather than later. Common Reasons Why an Engine is Idling Rough A good indication that there are problems with your engine is rough idling. This problem is easy to identify as you'll hear strange sounds when you start your vehicle. You may also notice shaking and vibrating. Your vehicle's performance overall will be poor with decreased fuel efficiency and irregular RPMs. There are many causes of rough idling and it's important to get your engine checked when you notice a problem. Bad Spark Plugs Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air and fuel mixture within the combustion chamber. Oil and carbon deposits collect on the spark plugs and wires over time. This can lessen the power when you start your car ... read more

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