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Car Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

Many of us consider our pets like family, and if you're someone who likes to bring along your furry family members where ever you go, remembering the following car safety tips for traveling with pets can come in handy. You want your pet to have a good time but also want them to stay safe in a vehicle. 

Here are some of our car safety tips for traveling with pets: 

  • If you've never brought your pet into the car before, try to start with smaller rides. This will get them more accustomed to the feeling of being in a moving vehicle and you can see how they react to the experience. If it is positive, you can plan on bringing them along more often. 
  • Never leave a pet in a hot car unattended. The inside of your car can literally double in temperature in comparison to the outside and can kill quickly. We recommend never leaving your pet in a car under any circumstance or weather condition, just in case. 
  • Keeping your pet secure can help with an anxious pet or a smaller pet. If you have a smaller pet, considered bringing along a pet bed or blanket for the back seat that will offer some type of security. There are also many different pet seat belts available that will act as a safety feature to keep your pet unharmed in the instance of a car accident or other emergency. 
  • We know your dog probably loves to stick its head out the window, but don't roll the window down all the way. If the window is down all the way, your pet is at risk of falling out or being hit by debris or a passing vehicle. 
  • Never transport a pet in an open truck bed!
  • Make sure that your vehicle either is microchipped or has updated tag information just in case they get lost while you are out. 

Use the tips listed above to help ensure that your pet stays safe the next time you bring them along on your travels. 

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