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Common Brake System Issues that Every Driver Should Know

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Every driver relies on their brakes to stop and slow down when they need to on the road. A proper working brake system is vital to your safety, and understanding when you might have a brake problem is important. Whether you notice a strange noise or your brakes don't work like they used to, be aware of how your brakes perform that way you can easily identify when an issuing is occurring. 

The brake system is hydraulic, which means that it uses high-pressure fluid to operate. The main components of the brake system that need to be maintain in order to avoid brake issues from occurring are the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and fluid. Next, let's take a look at some of the most common issues that can occur and how to recognize when they are happening. 

  • A metal to metal grinding noise, less effective brakes, and squealing sounds can all indicate brake pad issues. Brake pads do wear down overtime and will need to be replaced periodically. 
  • A pulsating brake pedal or a jerking motion when coming to a stop can indicate warped rotors. Under immense heat, the brake rotors can warp over time and may need to be resurfaced. 
  • If the brake pedal goes to the floor, you have a hydraulic fluid issue. A leak can occur in the brake system or air can get into the fluid which can decrease the operation of your brakes. 
  • If you find that your vehicle is pulling to one side while braking, you may have a stuck or sticking brake caliper. 
  • Shaking or vibrating steering wheel while braking can also indicate warped rotors. 
  • If you're experiencing brake fade, or a temporary decrease in brake power, your brake pads or rotors are overheating.
  • If the brake system warning light is on, this is an indication of that you may have a hydraulic issue. This needs to be checked out as soon as possible!
  • If your vehicle is pulling to one side while braking, you may also be dealing with faulty or collapsed brake hoses. 

All of the symptoms listed above are key to remember and important to keep an eye on while driving. You never want to be stuck in a situation where your brakes fail completely, so be sure to bring your vehicle into our shop at the first sign of any brake trouble. The experts here at Quality Tune-Up Auto Care will ensure that your vehicle is repaired and taken care of properly. Give us a call at one of our convenient locations or stop by our nearest shop today for brake repair! 

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