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Engine Noises You Should be Wary of While riding Your Car

If you suddenly feel your vehicle making awkward noises, especially from the engine, then you have a reason to worry. Strange car noise is an indicator of impending mechanical troubles. The noises vary from slight whizzing noise to extreme rattling.

The following are some strange noises to be conscious of when riding a car:

Popping Sound

Popping sound in the engine area can indicate an exhaust leak. It is essential to look for a mechanic as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Pooping noise can also be an indicator of a dirty air filter in the engine.

Hissing Noise

A hissing noise is an indicator of varying problems in your car. A hissing noise can mean that your engine is overheating or your vacuum leaks. Fluids like coolant or brake fluids can also leak into the hot parts of the engine and needs to be checked immediately.

Knocking Sound

Knocking sounds while riding your car means something is wrong with the car's ignition. Sometimes, fuel in the cylinder ignites and causes an irritating knocking noise. Dirty spark plugs as well can cause knocking noise. When they are not efficiently burning, they annihilate their ability to spark, and unless you change them, you will find difficulty igniting your car.

Squealing Noise

Squealing noise from your car is an indicator of faulty brakes. It often happens when it is rainy, and water finds its way into the brake pads. Therefore, there is the need to change your brakes once you start hearing squealing noise from your tires to avoid brake failure that could lead to accidents.

Rumbling Noise

If you hear a rumbling noise from your car, there is a hole in the muffler. It is a dangerous situation because eventually, fumes will find their way into your vehicle and inhaling them might have a hazardous impact on your health. If the rumbling noise comes with the car's shaking, it could indicate faulty spark plugs and misfiring cylinders.

Every time you hear awkward noises from your car, do not hesitate to visit Quality Tune Up Car Care Center for an excellent remedy.

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