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The Importance of Fall Vehicle Maintenance

It's no secret that the summer months tend to take a toll on our vehicles. From the extreme temperatures to the extended drives, your vehicle definitely runs its course during the summertime. After the summer, it becomes increasingly important to inspect and care for your vehicle to ensure that it remains reliable throughout the fall. 

Why is fall vehicle maintenance so important? As we move into fall, the weather changes. More rain falls and the roads become wetter and colder. We also have to take into account that car wear that we mentioned earlier happens during the summer. We don't want you to find yourself stranded any time soon, and proper car care can help you avoid these dreaded situations.

What type of vehicle maintenance is needed for the fall time? First things first, a fall vehicle inspection is always recommended. This is the perfect time to have your vehicle checked over to make sure that critical systems are working as they should. It can also help identify any potential problems before they grow and become more extensive to repair. 

Types of fall vehicle maintenance items include: 

  • Checking tires for proper tread and air inflation
  • Replacing windshield wipers
  • Topping off or replacing fluids
  • Testing heater and defroster
  • Inspecting all exterior and interior lights for operation and visibility
  • Checking brake system
  • Wheel alignment, tire rotation, and balancing
  • Battery test

These are all items that will ensure that you will have a safe vehicle in the wetter and colder weather conditions to come. If your vehicle is due for a fall inspection, we invite you into Quality Tune-Up Auto Care today!

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