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Why Is My Airbag Light On?

Upclose of a vehicle's speedometer, including a light to indicate airbags

Car manufacturers have sleekly enhanced safety features thanks to modern technology. In case of an accident, components such as safety belts and airbags play a critical role in safeguarding you. Usually, your car will indicate and notify you of unfastened belts and other problems on the dashboard display.

When your dashboard lights come on, such as the airbag warning indicators, please don't ignore them. However, it's easy to dismiss this warning with the many dashboard lights. While it may not mean anything more than a malfunctioning electrical system, it's important to consider why this happens.

Reasons Your Airbag Light is On

When you notice your airbag light is on and you have not been in an accident, it could be deactivated and will not function appropriately in case of a collision. But here is what you should know and why this light comes on in your vehicle.

  • Electrical or wiring problems

Your airbag light may turn on due to bad sensors or a faulty SRS system. It may also be a wiring problem, but since this is an advanced system requiring advanced diagnostic tools, always consult an expert to help you restore it.

  • Faulty crash sensors

Crash sensors may fail or, during a minor crash, can be triggered without deploying the airbag. Sudden deceleration sends a signal to the system to deploy the airbag. The airbag light will turn on in such cases but without the airbag going off, indicating potential issues. In such cases, have your sensors checked and replaced immediately.

  • Seatbelt problems

Besides the airbag sensors, your vehicle's SRS system includes data from seatbelts. The airbag setup is also wired to pick signals or triggers from the seatbelts too. This occurs when sudden forward motion is detected on the seatbelt pre-tensioners. While this seatbelt tension may not necessarily be a collision, it may trigger the airbag light.

  • Water damage

When your vehicle experiences water damage, it affects the airbag module, usually under the driver and passenger seat corroding the sensors. This problem will prevent it from working correctly and eventually trigger the airbag light unnecessarily.

  • Your airbag backup battery is depleted

When your car battery drains, it may also deplete the airbag's backup battery. This problem will eventually correct itself when your battery charges again but causes the light to turn on. However, if it fails, you will need to recharge it and have a sensor reset.

Whether one or more of these problems causes your airbag light to turn on, you should never ignore it for your safety's sake. If you experience this problem and need airbag repair, give Quality Tune Up Car Care Center a call today. Our experts will promptly act to fix the problem.

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