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How to Keep Track of Vehicle Maintenance

Car maintenance can be difficult to keep track of, especially when you aren’t sure of what services are due at what intervals. Although it can be confusing, car maintenance is pretty straightforward once you understand what is needed for your vehicle and when. The experts at our shop can help you stay on top of these services and ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come.  Below are some of the most important car maintenance items that should never be missed for your vehicle: 1. Oil Change - every 3 months or 3,000 miles to every 6 months or 6,000 miles 2. Tune-up - every 30,000 miles or so 3. Fluid Flushes - every 10,000 miles to every 30,000 miles, depending on the fluid 4. Bumper to Bumper Inspection - at every oil change, or at least twice a year 5. Tire Inspections, Rotation, and Alignment - twice a year or every 6,000 miles These are some of the most important services that will ensure that your vehicle remains reliable. Although these intervals are j ... read more

Your A/C Works Fine, Do You Need It Serviced?

As we start moving into warmer summer temperatures, many of us will be depending on the A/C to make the temperature inside the vehicle comfortable to drive. But you ask, “Do I need my air conditioner serviced if it is blowing cold air?” “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke” is ringing in my head right now. The other thing ringing in my head is preventative maintenance prolongs the expected life of components with moving parts. You change the engine oil, transmission oil, differential oils, and antifreeze to prolong the life of those components. Why wouldn’t you change the refrigerant (freon) in the A/C system as well? First off, isn’t it called freon, not refrigerant? Much like Scotch tape is the name brand of invisible tape or a Sharpie is the name brand for a permanent marker, Freon was the name brand for R-12 refrigerant. R-12 has not been used in vehicles built after the mid 1990’s due to Ozone depleting CFC’s. The replacement ... read more

Thank you, Nurses!

As we continue to live in this COVID-19 altered world, we are taking time to honor and recognize our nurses on National Nurses Day Wednesday May 6th. A brief history of the beginning of National Nurses Day. It was officially recognized by the US Congress and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. Although that is the official “beginning” of National Nurses Day in the US, it took many years to get that official designation. National Nurses Day was actually the brainchild of Dorothy Sutherland, an employee of the U.S. Department of Health. She sent a letter to President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953 proposing for a National Nurses Day. Although an official proclamation was not made, people began celebrating National Nurses Week on their own the very next year. It took another 20 years to have any official designation as President Nixon proclaimed Nation Nurses Week beginning in 1974. Then in 1981, New Mexico nurses initiated a resolution to declare May 6th National ... read more

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